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Ignite strategic thinking & reflect on what your company needs to get to the next level!

  • 4 uur
  • 6.500 euro
  • Bij de klant

Beschrijving van de dienst

Imagine your worst nightmare related to your offering. Someday that perfect competitor may appear on your doorstep, just like in the dream. Wouldn't it be better if that perfect competitor was you? The Worst Nightmare Competitor Game challenges you to look outside your current mental framework and look at your market and your company with totally fresh eyes in a fun role-play setting. What would the Worst Nightmare Competitor do differently and what would they steal from you? What is your most vulnerable spot that they would attack you on? And what would their customers say about them… how does that compare to what they say about you? This high-action game is an exciting way to ignite strategic thinking and reflect on what your own company needs to get to the next level. ​We offer you a 1/2 day workshop delivering a WNC - action plan.



Lakenkopersstraat, Haarlem, Netherlands 5

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