Alchemize co-creates unique change trajectories. We believe in a holistic approach

aiming to make a deep and long-lasting impact. Our concepts are home-made and can always be customized.

We believe in co-creation and therefore proudly present wonderful tools developed by our global partners.



    With a very simple but robust digital questionnaire we scan the need for change amongst your employees in your organization. 

    It will provide you with a 'stake in the ground' and can be used as the base of your transformation program, defining the approach and the interventions required to make the change.

    Our Alchemize scan measures the level of Impact, Meaning, Psychological Safety, Structure & Clarity, Dependability and Work Life Balance your employees experience in the organization.​ Following on the outcomes of the scan we plan interviews making sure the quantitative data are further confirmed by qualitative insights.


    We offer you a quick, effective & efficient way of gaining insights in your organization to increase the chance of a successful transformation


    During our Envision Workshop we help you to become fully aligned within your team on exactly how your playing field is changing, what your customer needs, where you want to be in a few years and what success looks like for your organization. It all starts with recognising the need for change and by defining a well articulated future vision including an exciting target. Through review exercises, honest conversations and business modeling combined with a bit of imaginative thinking and storytelling, your team's ‘WHY” and “Exactly where to go” will become crystal clear.  Depending on the size of your business and team, we recommend a 1- or 2 day workshop. This can be perfectly combined with our Team Constellation Workshop. 

    ​​We offer you a 1 or 2 day 'pressure cooker' workshop, the outcome being a clear definition of- and full alignment on your Purpose, BHAG, Values and Principle.


    Our Strategize Workshop helps you to define and bridge the gap between 'as-is' and 'to-be' by creating strategies and priorities and a roadmap with allocated resources and budget. You will map your strategic landscape, review and refine your company's value propositions and identify your main growth opportunities. We then take you through a process of prioritizing and choosing which roads to pursue and how to get there via structured brainstorming in several iterative rounds. This will be the foundation for your strategic roadmap. Finally, we help you to prepare to tell the story of the new strategy to all your stakeholders. 




    We offer you a 1 or 2-day 'pressure cooker' workshop, delivering a shared strategic story and a strategic one pager with measurable KPIs and actions.


    Imagine your worst nightmare related to your offering. Someday that perfect competitor may appear on your doorstep, just like in the dream. Wouldn't it be better if that perfect competitor was you? 
    The Worst Nightmare Competitor Game challenges you to look outside your current mental framework and look at your market and your company with totally fresh eyes in a fun role-play setting. What would the Worst Nightmare Competitor do differently and what would they steal from you? What is your most vulnerable spot that they would attack you on?  And what would their customers say about them… how does that compare to what they say about you? This high-action game is an exciting way to ignite strategic thinking and reflect on what your own company needs to get to the next level. 

    We offer you a 1/2 day workshop delivering a WNC - action plan. 


    What distinguishes successful organizations? Those ones that not only know WHAT they are doing and HOW they are doing it. But first of all know WHY they do what they do. This guiding principle forms the core and identity of an organization. Yet again and again it turns out to be a difficult task to translate this identity, once found, into daily business operations. What do you as an organization have to DO to actually embed your identity throughout the entire organization; from operations to administration and from customer service to marketing? In other words 'how do you live your brand as an organization?' Our 'living the brand' program provides answers, tools and guidelines for the organization to truly live your brand, leading to being an attractive organization not only for your employees but also for your (new) customers. 

    We offer you a customized program.


    Are you 100% clear on what your company or department stands for and what makes your offering stand out for your target audience? The Alchemize Transformation Model is a working session that is focused on clearly articulating and refining your desired value proposition (your offering), your target group, your route to market and your operations. We will then review where your main gaps, challenges and opportunities for improvement are and will translate these into a clear set of priorities and an action plan.









    This 1/2 day workshop results into your own Transformation Model and action plan.



    Are you working in the energy industry? Are you ready to transform your industry? 

    ENERGIZE! is a leadership program for women working in the energy sector. The program will use storytelling to create personal and business narratives that will help to face the specific challenges ones encounter in leading in the energy sector. The program touches upon gender bias, creating awareness around this theme, how to respond to it and how to deal with it in a constructive way. The program aims to build trust, to increase self-awareness, to challenge your thinking, to inspire innovation and to empower others.






    We offer a 1 week program to equip future makers to thrive through & lead the transformation of the industry


    In today’s demanding business environment you, as  executive, have limited opportunities to devote time and energy to your own development as a leader. You may struggle to fulfill the responsibilities of your position and you may be too busy and too stressed to step back, reflect, digest and learn from your experiences. Executive Coaching can help you to develop executive-level skills, developmental and growth needs which impact your entire organization. It can be seen as a way of sound boarding and allows you to show vulnerability. It will help you to align with your own purpose and stick to your own beliefs.



    We offer you a customized approach depending on your needs


    Unleash your Gold is a serie of workshops aimed at helping you

    "to be the best you can be". It guides you to be able to define your personal vision and to create a life strategy. Our modules are built on proven, time-tested management theories and best practices, with the addition of the Alchemize ‘touch of magic’. The program is fueled by healthy food, energizing and mindful exercises, interesting speakers and inspiring participants. Our coaches & facilitators will further guide you through a process of envisioning, strategizing & activating your personal vision and goals. The program is a combination of hard work & reflection time in order to assist you to reignite your levels of energy.


    We offer you a 3 day program at a magical venue in Cape Town



    Our Team Constellation workshop provides guidance to teams by extracting valuable insights into team preferences and roles. The approach is based on a Dutch framework used to develop strong performing teams across 16 different phases of a project or strategic journey. We start by understanding and experiencing the different individual preferences through fun insightful exercises, and by mapping your team constellation. As the workshop progresses, it will become  clear as to why certain patterns appear and where the team’s strengths and pitfalls lie. We will then translate all these insights into a joint action plan that will boost team communication and performance - the start of unleashing the gold in your team! 

    We offer you a full day workshop incl. team & individual profile reports, an overview of pitfalls and strengths, and a concrete action plan.





    If you are seeking sustainable, results-orientated leadership development, Nine Conversations in Leadership™ is an innovative intervention that acts as a catalyst for long-term leadership development throughout the organization. Unlike other leadership programs, this intervention works at the levels of knowledge, values and behaviors to achieve holistic leadership growth. We bring leaders together repeatedly to explore leadership from various angles – organizational, team and personal. We use 360° feedback, peer coaching and personal development planning to create strong, committed leaders at all levels.


    Our accredited team member will guide you through a customized journey of 9 conversations


    The Integrative Enneagram is an archetypal framework offering you in-depth insights and a rich map to personal development. It creates self-awareness and uncovers the patterns of your behavior that subconsciously drive and motivate you to act in certain ways. It empowers you to take responsibility for your own behaviors and growth, from a greater understanding of why you act and react the way you do. It does not only reveal what holds you back, but also offers insights into the journey towards strength and liberation, connecting you to your strengths and higher self.



    Our accredited coaches will help you  understand your Type.

    We offer you a professional Enneagram report and 2 coaching conversations


    Your employees are the people who know you best –why not ask them what can be improved upon by sending out an Employee Engagement Survey. When you acknowledge and engage employees throughout their career, they experience higher job satisfaction, which in turns leads to far better performance. This in turn, can make your organization more innovative, agile and customer-oriented. Our partner, Effectory is at the forefront of technological innovation. They combine expertise, content and science with the power of innovation and personal service. While inspiring and easy to use, the feedback tools are effective and cost efficient. 

    We help you to increase your employee engagement through actioned-oriented feedback.


Alchemize now based in the Netherlands (KvK 76997782)


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