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2 days off site workshop

  • 20 uur
  • 55.000 euro
  • venue to be discussed - preferably off site

Beschrijving van de dienst

During our Envision Workshop we help you to become fully aligned within your team on exactly how your playing field is changing, what your customer needs, where you want to be in a few years and what success looks like for your organization. It all starts with recognising the need for change and by defining a well articulated future vision including an exciting target. Through review exercises, honest conversations and business modeling combined with a bit of imaginative thinking and storytelling, your team's ‘WHY” and “Exactly where to go” will become crystal clear. ​​We offer you a 2 days 'pressure cooker' workshop: 2 days and 1 evening facilitated by 2 of our consultants. The session will be co created with you and will be based on an intake and some interviews. The outcome of the session will enhance a clear definition of- and full alignment on your Purpose, BHAG, Values and Principles.



Lakenkopersstraat, Haarlem, Netherlands 5

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