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Find out your Type through understanding Enneagram

  • 1 uu 30 min.
  • 5.000 Zuid-Afrikaanse rand
  • Bij de klant

Beschrijving van de dienst

The Integrative Enneagram is an archetypal framework offering you in-depth insights and a rich map to personal development. It creates self-awareness and uncovers the patterns of your behavior that sub-consciously drives and motivates you to act in certain ways. It empowers you to take responsibility for your own behaviors and growth, from a greater understanding of why you act and react the way you do. It does not only reveal what holds you back, but also offers insights into the journey towards strength and liberation, connecting you to your strengths and higher selves. Our accredited coaches will help you understand your Type. We offer you a professional Enneagram report and 2 coaching conversations



Lakenkopersstraat, Haarlem, Netherlands 5

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