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verb - al · che · mize \ [al-kuh-mahyz] 

1. (transitive) to alter, change, transform by alchemy; transmute

2. Any seemingly magical process of transmuting ordinary materials into something of true merit

We are a global consulting company passionate about helping companies achieve what we call “transformation that matters”.

  • We co-create unique change trajectories that make a deep and long-lasting impact.

  • ​​​We help individuals, teams and organizations bring out the gold in themselves. 

  • We support organizations through the process of transformation

  • We are the catalyst for a meaningful and profitable future

  • We bring a ‘touch of magic’ into all the work we do

  • We inspire, connect and empower businesses to accelerate growth and make a change.

Together we ALCHEMIZE your business!

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Frederique, with an all-round commercial business background, is passionate about developing & facilitating healthy growth programs.

She supports executives towards achieving sustainable change.

She holds an MSc in Consulting & Coaching for Change, the INSEAD Coaching Certificate and is an accredited MBTI and ENNEAGRAM practitioner.

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Kate is a certified (Enneagram) coach with over 15 years of workshop facilitation & team/one-on-one coaching experience. Her passion is working with people who are motivated to journey through personal growth. Through the use of her knowledge, coaching skills, insight and experience, she guides and assists the development of strong personal leadership. Her value- add drives improved performance & the creation of strong personal branding.

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Cathalijne, with a background as a business leader in FMCG, is passionate about calling out the best in people, transformational leadership and 'humanising' the workplace. 

She coaches future leaders on making a positive impact on the world around them. She holds an executive master in Consulting and Coaching for change at INSEAD Business School (EMCCC) and is a certified co-active coach (CCPC).




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Marieke is a highly experienced, entrepreneurial and engaged professional with a thorough vision and profound knowledge of change processes. She connects people and organizations and operates on the cutting edge of HR & Marketing Communication.

With many years of experience as manager she knows how to translates plans into action. She always acts with de customer in mind and knows how to bring a vision to life. 

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