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2 day off site workshop

  • 20 uur
  • 55.000 Zuid-Afrikaanse rand
  • off site

Beschrijving van de dienst

Our Strategize Workshop helps you to define and bridge the gap between 'as-is' and 'to-be' by creating strategies and priorities and a roadmap with allocated resources and budget. You will map your strategic landscape, review and refine your company's value propositions and identify your main growth opportunities. We then take you through a process of prioritizing and choosing which roads to pursue and how to get there via structured brainstorming in several iterative rounds. This will be the foundation for your strategic roadmap. Finally, we help you to prepare to tell the story of the new strategy to all your stakeholders. ​We offer you a two day 'pressure cooker' workshop, delivering a shared strategic story and a strategic one pager with measurable KPIs and actions. We also include a Team Constellation exercise giving you more insights in the power of the team. (The price excludes venue costs and travel expenses)



Lakenkopersstraat, Haarlem, Netherlands 5

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